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Welcome to Mind of Her Own - the podcast that gets inside a woman's head!

Jan 28, 2019

Julie talks to Toronto-based lawyer Beth Beattie who is one of the Friends of the Bell Let’s Talk campaign – Canadians from all walks of life sharing their personal stories about living with mental illness. Beth spent years hiding her Bipolar Disorder from almost everyone in her life - partly because she was worried about how clients and co-workers would treat her if they knew about her illness. But that all changed two years ago when she decided to open up to a couple of co-workers who were struggling with mental illness issues in their families. Beth knew she could help by sharing her experience – and so she did. And she hasn’t stopped talking since.  

Connect with Beth Beattie:

Bell Let’s Talk Team – Beth Beattie

Resources mentioned:

Bell Let’s Talk website
All aboard, the Bipolar Express – Globe and Mail
Mental Health in Motion – Canadian Mental Health Association

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