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Welcome to Mind of Her Own - the podcast that gets inside a woman's head!

Aug 16, 2018

Julie and Michelle are back together and sharing their reactions to the last MOHO episode featuring hormone expert Nicki Williams. PMS, heavier periods, hair loss, weight gain, brain fog, anxiety spikes and more – the ladies get real about all of it. They also chat about a new initiative that will see first-year students at the University of Waterloo receive mental health first aid kits and Olay’s new Face Anything campaign featuring Elyse Fox, mental health advocate and founder of the Sad Girls Club.

Resources mentioned:  

Period Tracker app

Think Dirty App

University of Waterloo students to get mental health first aid kits this fall

Olay celebrates the fearless women who are tired of being told they’re ‘too” anything

Sad Girls Club

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